Thursday, October 4, 2012

In which I discover Bristol Board

On Monday I photographed and framed a handful of new pictures, mostly drawings. Here is a better photo of the drawing I shared in my last post. I discovered the best way of photographing my pencil drawings is outside in direct sunlight, makes it so much easier! 

'The Fear of Pain'  graphite drawing on paper.
I had drawn my drawings on large sheets of A2 paper, and it was almost impossible to move them without making creases or bends, I thought there has to be some other way! What do graphite artists use to draw on? I did a little research and discovered that most graphite artists use 'Bristol board' as a drawing surface. I ordered a couple sheets myself and they came in the mail today, in a tube to my surprise. I discovered it's not really board, but a kind of stiff card with a very smooth surface. I'm looking forwards to trying it out next week. I'll post about my discoveries then. 

Framed horse drawing

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  1. My favourite surface for graphite work is Mellotex (available from Mike Sibley) but it doesn't work well with coloured pencil.

  2. Hi Sue, Thanks for the comment, I'll look that up too. I'm going to try all the different drawing surfaces I can find so I can discover one that works best for me. :)