Friday, October 5, 2012

Interesting and Inspiring

   I love looking at other people's drawings, don't you? I'm always inspired and learn something, or simply enjoy it. I think I like looking at drawings more than I do paintings, I guess drawing will always be my first love in art, no matter how much I try to succeed in painting I will always come back to drawing. Here is an article full of drawings from various artists with very different styles. My favorites  are the first two.

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  Here is some inspiration for ya'll! We all have those brilliant ideas that come to nothing simply because we never made anything of it in the first place. Here is a blog post that talks all about it. Though for me personally my problem is I take up to many of my ideas until I'm doing so many different things at once that I completely bewilder myself!

  Noses. These strange appendage of the face is something many people have trouble drawing, when they think about drawing it anyway! In a portrait the nose is not the focus point somehow, unless it is particularly noticeable, we don't really notice noses as much as eyes and mouths. This is because people don't communicate with their nose! When talking with people or trying to see there reactions we don't look at their nose but their eyes and lips. But to make a nose successfully unnoticeable in a drawing the artist must know all about how to draw it. Here is a helpful video.

Don't you just love looking at pictures of stunning horses! Every time I go on Pintrest, I am confronted with a whole lot of new beautiful photos of horses.

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