About the Artist

Hello, my name is Felicity. I am 23 years old and I love things like drawing, painting, writing, making music, riding, and being outdoors in the beautiful country I live in - New Zealand! 

My sister's photography: Luce Bianca Photography

This blog is to share with you my love of representational art and my adventures in trying to pursue excellence in my chosen path as an artist. 

   From the beginning it was always horses that inspired me to draw and paint. I was one of those little girls who adore horses and think, breath, and dream them, and I would draw them in all my spare time. So many children stop drawing when they reach a certain age. They either loose interest or think they aren't any good at it, because they don't know it's something you have to learn. I do believe in natural talent, but think allot more people would be able to draw well than we think, simply because we don't realize that drawing is something that can be taught and learnt.

 But, because I loved horses, I kept on drawing and didn't stop. I then began to paint, and soon I wasn't just making pictures of horses because I loved the animals but because I was falling in love with art for its own sake.

What seven years of drawing brought about!

'Simba' pastel painting

 I owe much to horses but now my horizons are broadening and inspiration begins to come from different places. I am looking for new ideas and new subjects to explore. I am interested in landscapes and portraiture and am currently working on improving my skills in those areas.

Though I am not currently attending art school I am 'teaching myself' though all the resources available to me. I know it will take many hours of hard work, and probably the rest of my life, to get where I aspire to be, but I have a vision of what that is. My hope is I will be able to show you one day. This blog is about my journey there.

 In the meanwhile another idea has been growing until it has become a fully fledged art project. 'The Art of a Hut' Follow the link to find out about it.

So I now have inspiration and an exciting project to work on which will be taking up the next few years of my life. I'm not sure where my career will lead me after that, but you'll see!

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  1. What a beautiful talent you have got there, Felicity! My congratulations to you. I wish I could draw like you do...

    I am working on a walking expedition that would take me to every DOC hut there is in NZ (http://900days900huts.info/). I thought it would be nice to be able to pencil-draw all these huts while I am at it.... so I was looking for anybody who had tried doing something like that before.. .that's how I found you :-)

    I wish you would draw more huts and put them on here. They are really amazing..