Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inspiring and interesting

  This out to have been posted on Friday but the last few days I've been rather occupied with a new hobby we discovered accidentally. Geocasheing! All yesterday Peter, myself and a friend drove about the coast hereabouts and did some treasure hunting and hid some ourselves.

But that hasn't go much to do with art! Here are a few things found during the week:

Caricature has never been one of my great interests, it's not really my style, (I think it can be quite ugly!) but there is something in it that anyone interested in portraiture can learn from. I found this video by a professional caricaturist very interesting, have a look.

I have always been interested in the lives of other artists. This was quite inspiring.

If you like art and baking you can combine the two! I think I might do something like this for upcoming family birthdays. Van Goah cake

 I haven't been exploring the internet much this week (a good thing really) so I'll leave off with my latest drawing.

  This drawing is rather different isn't it, I wanted to show the pain and terror of the horse trying to run away. My photo is a bit blurry, sorry about that, before I frame them i'm going to have to have a day devoted to photographing my work properly.


  1. Wow! Love the picture, Felicity. :) And that cake is pretty much amazing. What a neat idea! Frosting is such an easy medium {tasty too} to work in. :D At an amusement park we went to once there was a guy doing caricatures right there! It was so cool to watch!

  2. Thank you, Rachel. :) Yes I'm going to try the cake idea Dad's birthday is coming up. :)