Friday, September 21, 2012

Interesting and Inspiring

   It's raining determinedly right now which belies yesterdays beautiful sunshine. I was up with the horses yesterday morning and it was so warm it felt like the middle of summer, but then I was doing allot of running around with my four legged friends!

Lady Grey and her old paddock mate whom she is decidedly cool towards.

She has put on allot of weight on this lovely grass! 

Tigger was very boring I don't think he likes the camera!

   Well here is what has interested and inspired me this week:

 I found out about this equine artist, Emma Kennaway (interview), in the weekend and was inspired by her stunning artwork of horses especially her huge drawings.  She has given me new inspiration for horses as a subject and I have begun to think of new ways of making an old subject interesting. Perhaps it is because she is not a 'horsey' person that her drawings of them are so original, she is able to think outside the box with a new perspective on horses. I have always been faced with the challenge of originality when drawing or painting horses, and do not always meet it successfully! Here is another video of her explaining her pictures before her exhibition.

   As an artist and ever since I read the book Drawing on the Right side of the Brain by Betty Edwards (I not in passing that it is a must read for anyone who wants to or dose draw) I have always been interested about the way people see things, and what we notice and do not notice. I read this blog post a little while ago which talked of an interesting study about inattentional blindness. How we don't notice things if we aren't looking for them which explains why artists see different things in the same subject than a non artist because we look for different things.

    Now here is a short video I made this week. 

  What do you think? I was quite excited when I came up with the idea and have searched in vain on YouTube for video's like it. I think I might enlarge upon the idea! That waltz is my favorite piece of music at the moment.

* * *

  Now here is something I didn't do. This brilliant artist draws wonderful portraits. His videos are so inspiring.

 Video Link Wet Portrait


  1. What a cool idea! and I love the simple elegance of your couple waltzing. Such a neat, neat thing, Lissy!

  2. Thank you, Rachel, I was quite proud of how it turned out! :)