Thursday, February 21, 2013

Different kinds of success

   Remember when I had this stall at the local A&P show in November? Well it wasn't much of a success at least it didn't seem like it at the time. But that is only a result based on what I sold (which was not much), and not on how the public received it. I did get allot of good comments and everyone seemed to like my work. I am only realizing now how good that in itself is; getting your work 'out there' seems to be a good way of 'getting out there'! How ironic!

   Anyway, what I want to tell you is about a phone call I received last week. And the result of it is that in a couple weeks an art group wants to come and visit me in my studio and see my work and see me working! Isn't that crazy! I feel as if I should be the one visiting an art group to learn things however amateur they say they are! I don't feel very professional myself! 

   But I am glad and excited about the visit! It makes me feel more like a real artist, and it somehow makes me more confident in my work. That art stall was allot of work and a big step for me, but it was worth it, I learnt so much and realize that you really have to work hard to get yourself known as an artist. But it is possible.


  1. Yep. Results from shows/exhibitions aren't always immediate (ie cash in hand on the day). I had a one-person exhibition in a local framers/gallery last Summer during a week of the most appalling torrential rain/storms so visitors were few and far between.

    But I've had two recent commission orders (one completed and one scheduled for April) as a result of people noting my name and coming back for birthday gifts.

    Good luck with the art group visit. Enjoy it and I hope you make some new friends also