Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sailing and drawing

  Firstly, forgive my long absence from blogging. I've had a very long holidays busy with people toing and froing and doing lots of sailing.

And with this and that and one thing or another I haven't found time even to begin my art course yet! But I am going to try that this week along with trying to finally finish my big beautiful white horse who is going off to Texas when finished! 

I am also working on illustrations for my Mums book of short stories which she hopes to begin trying to get published this year. 

And I am still drawing every day! Am on day 95 now! This is what I drew today, I spent more time on my drawing today than I have for ages. And when there is nobody else to draw, well there's always one's own face! 

Here are a few more of the latest and best:

That's all for today. But I've broken my 'bloggers block' so hopefully you will be hearing from me again soon. 


  1. Its so easy to get out of the 'Blogging Habit' when you're busy with other things isn't it ... but then its great to come back

    Lovely drawings I particularly like the first two. I've never been able to draw myself - I tried a double pencil portrait for our house moving cards 5 years ago and, although I used the cards, the likeness was rubbish :-)

    Look forward to seeing the big white horse

    1. Thanks for your comment!! As you must know, it encourages one to keep blogging. :D

  2. WHOA! Love the bridge! Love love LOVE it! :) This is the kind of think I hope i can do in my travel journal once I start traveling. :P

    1. I love it even better on the tin of my drawing set! I copied it from there cos I loved it so much. :) It is just the kind of drawing for a travel journal!