Monday, September 17, 2012

White Horse Inspiration

   I have a new and exciting commission to work on! It is to be very large pastel painting of a white horse in blues and grays. I have been given the liberty to decide what horse and what posture to paint which is nice and gives me liberty to do something inspired. I have been looking on the internet for paintings and photos of white horses to inspire me and to get a general idea of the sort of thing I will be doing. Here are a whole lot of pictures that inspire me, I will try and credit owners where known.

Found Here

by Joanna Maitland-Hudson

Found Here

'Riding on the Clouds' by Karen Hargett

By Lisa Miller


I love all this artists work! Pferde Gemalt Art

Found Here

'Wild at Heart' by Katey Sodeau
Another inspiration from a brilliant equine artist, Debbie Dunbar

I have also pinned a whole lot of beautiful white horse pictures on my White Horse board on Pintrest.