Friday, September 14, 2012

Interesting and Inspiring

   Here are a few things I have collected together for your amusement. Browse, read, or scan as you please! Would you like me to make this a regular sort of post on my blog? Do let me know if you enjoy it and if there are other things that would improve on the idea etc.

There is a new website called ArtStack which is much like Pinterest only it is for art only. I have just joined and yet to find my way around and figure it out, but it looks pretty interesting.

Here is something from my art portfolio: Something old and something new:

One of my best watercolour paintings from 2009

A Charcoal sketch of a horse eye which I completed last week.

  A few blogs I have begun to follow lately:

  •   A graphite equine and animal artist, Cathy Spearing, has just finished a beautiful drawing of a row of white horses.
  • At Unbridled Imagery, Michelle Grant shared her painting struggles the results of which are beautiful paintings of horses. 
  • The Mare's Tales is a photography and art blog. Her latest blog shows some lovely photos captured at the racetrack.
  • This artist shares her colourfull semi-abstract art on her blog.
  • And finally here are a couple paintings by Bev Lewis at Animal Artistry
By Bev Lewis
Sunlit Hare by Bev Lewis

  Here is a very informative video about eyes and how to draw them. It is more in depth than the usual 'how to draw eyes video' and I found it quite useful. Here is a link to it, there are so many how to draw eyes videos on YouTube that I couldn't find it to add on blogger!

  If you haven't already seen this...well it's pretty amazing. Artists often try to use techniques to make their paintings appear life like, well this artist has a way of doing something rather opposite.

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