Thursday, October 1, 2015

#Inktober 31 drawings in 31 days

   I found out about Inktober last October about halfway through the month, then I forgot all about it until today when I came across it again on a blog I follow! So glad I decided to  give my blog some attention today.

   Inktober began with one artist setting himself a personal challenge to ink every day for the month of October. Pretty soon this idea caught on and Inktober became a Thing. I think it's a fun thing so this year I will be joining in with thousands of other artists all around the world. And of course you don't even have to consider yourself an artist to do this. Just a couple minutes every day, or a couple hours if you have them handy, and that's all. There's nothing in the rules about having to have a perfect drawing, just put ink on paper, date it and you're done. Out of the 31 consecutive drawings I'll do, I'll think it had been worth my time if I just got a few good drawings. It's about the practice. 

  It is simply a personal challenge to draw and ink or pen drawing on each day of the month of October, that's 31 days. The rules from the Inktober page are:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it on your blog (or tumblr, instagram, twitter, facebook, flickr, Pinterest or just pin it on your wall.)

3) Hashtag it with #inktober

4) Repeat

  Here is my drawing for the first day of October. Because spring is here and we can all go barefoot!

 My mind was half out of the window when I drew this, Tigger was grazing in the garden and I didn't want him to have a go at my lettuces. All he got was half a mouthful of parsley.

I have created a pintrest board for my Inktober artwork:

And just to share some inspiration here are a few boards from a few artists from previous years.

I got to 220 and used a lot of pen.

I hope you take up the challenge with me! I'll also be posting every day on 

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