Friday, August 14, 2015

Falling in Love

Richard Schmid

   When you fall in love you don't just 'fall in love' and that is it. It is a growing process and the more you love the more you are able to love. That is just like painting with me. After spending the last few weeks really immersing myself in learning about art and watching some long demonstration videos from amazing artists like Morgan Weistling and Jeff Watts, I'm all caught up in this affair, which is going to be one which will hang on to me for the rest of my life I'm afraid...

   I've been learning so much and trying to put it into practice in my own paintings, which I'll share photos of in my newsletter next week. Sometimes it works and I'm on top of the world thinking I've finally getting it! And then a couple of hours of painting later I realize that this painting thing really is an impossible mystery and the great artists are just some extraordinary people with gifts that only they are born with. My love affair is elusive; hopeful and hopeless by turns, but when you are in love you never give up and everything is possible. I'll keep on going and one day perhaps I will be able to paint like some of the worlds greatest painters. Here are some of their works that inspire me and lead me on.

Susan Lyon

Mary Qian

john singer sargent

Matt Smith 

Scott Burdick 

Edward Harrison Compton

Tibor Nagy

Painting by Jeremy Lipking

Richard Schmid

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