Sunday, October 5, 2014

Inspiration from the Masters. True Story.

   Have had a nice quiet weekend to myself, usually I'm off doing something with my friends, there's always something going on these days! I could have gone hunting and kayaking to an island but I thought it must be time for a quiet weekend and get myself into focus for the rest of the month.

   I've been reading my favorite art book, Richard Schmid's Alla Prima II, and doing a lot of reading of Articles on the internet. Just getting fully inspired really. 

   I somehow came across The Master Secrets. A website/blog of Kathryn Lloyd an enthusiastic artist and lover of art who has interviewed many amazing artists. Her interview with Daniel Gerhartz is very inspiring, and with Rosemary & Co brushes--very interesting and informative. It's good to hear interviews in which the interviewer is also an artist and can ask good questions that I want to hear the answers to. 

   One article I read, Finding your Artistic Voice,  contained advice to young artists about how to find a voice or style. Being a young aspiring artist myself which all that advice is aimed towards I am thinking I should take it on for real. I've known it for so long having heard it repeated over and over from many successful artists. Just paint, paint, paint, and draw, draw, draw. Do your best work. Don't worry about style, go after the important things. Learn the craft. Be honest.

   That is exactly what I did in the pastel portrait of Tabitha. I spent all my efforts getting every measurement right, making each mark have a purpose, and not thinking about style or effect. The result was what I consider my best portrait to date.

   And I suddenly realized one aspect of what I've always heard and sincerely believed only didn't understand. Only because I applied what I had learned was I able to really understand it. I should say begin to understand it. The more I learn the more I realize I have to learn! 

  This month I am going to start working hard to apply everything I've learned so far. I have a commission to work on, heaps of Virtual Art Academy assignments to complete, and heaps of ideas for lots of drawings and paintings. I already spend most of my time doing art related stuff, but I always seem to be caught up in other little jobs and leaving the fun 'til later. I need to forget that I have a hundred things to do and just spend all my time having fun with charcoal and paint.

   Might need to order some more art supplies about now...

   I'll keep you posted with photos of some of my new work. Look out for some brilliant progress!


  1. I really like your writing and your beautiful portrait of Tabitha...amazing! Good goals and good results! A star in sight!

  2. A stunning portrait! It glows. And shines with life. Has a memorable quality. Amazing.