Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Horse Drawing in Charcoal

  In case you are wondering I really am alive and kicking down here. In fact I'm beginning to kick harder than usual. I suddenly realized it is less than twelve weeks until the spring A&P Show at which I plan to have an art stall so I had better get cracking and make a heap more serious pictures.

   So I have been doing that, and have made a very full schedule for myself with a goal for the amount of art I wish to produce each week. I have begun well this week and this is what I worked on yesterday.

  The proportions aren't the best I know, but I was trying out a new technique for me with charcoal. It is very fun as I discovered so I plan to create a whole series of charcoal horses. I have done two more today, however I don't know how I can take photos of them for awhile as all the camera batteries have been taken by Dad and my brother for their model boats! I stole my other brothers camera for this one, and I should be able to borrow it again. I might even be able to make some drawing videos with it.

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