Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A days work..

   I have been painting all day today. I think I painted longer than I ever have in a single day on one painting. I hope that becomes a regular occurrence, but I do end up feeling rather exhausted. Painting can be so tiring - to the brain anyway - so when I finished at five this evening I cleaned myself of paint and curled up on my bed with Pride and Prejudice and read with the last rays of sun flickering in through my lace curtains. Jane Austen is so entertaining on every re-read that P&P is always the perfect book to relax with.

   (I'd like to do a painting like that one day.)  The painting I was working on is one I started this morning and have just about finished. It was inspired by this abstract painting by Osnat Tzadok

 My painting is a little bit abstract but it was mostly the warm and cool contrast of colours in this painting that inspired me. If I can find a camera with batteries, I will photograph it when it is finished.

   And now I've got to scamper to have the dinner ready for the hungry men when they come in from working on boats. I think Pizza tonight. :)


  1. Beautiful! :) Keep up the good work, Lissy-mine! I hope to hear of you selling much art and becoming famous at the spring fair. :)

  2. Thank you! Well I hope at least it wont be a failure!