Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome to my Studio!

  I am one of those people who loves to change around things like furniture and rearrange rooms. I have rearranged my room many times, on average about once a year! Because my room is also my studio my roll-top desk serves multiple purposes and often when I have a painting underway I can't do anything else for all the space is taken up with it.

   Today I got out a canvass but didn't know what I was going to paint. I decided to do a still life from life, but after trying to arrange things on a chair I decided I had better spent my day rearranging my room. I now have a solid old kitchen table at right angle to my desk so I have sort of cornered of a space in my room as a studio and have a lot more table space now! On the other side of the table is my bed so it also serves as a large bedside table.

An awkward view of my studio corner. Sorry about the  bad quality images I was using my webcam!

Unimportant things get a much smaller space now!!


The four hundred plus books in my room overflow the shelves! (Yes I have counted and read them all!!! It's not really crazy, merely normal healthy behavior of a book worm!)

We being snobs! And Pansy more interested in the curtains.

The cat is Pansy, this is her territory. And she has allot more hair in winter!

I may get out the paints tomorrow now that I have a bigger space to work in.... =)

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