Monday, January 23, 2012

Julie Greg- New Zealand Artist

  As part of an unofficial new years resolution I have been looking at work from New Zealand artists for I realized that I know shockingly little of the New Zealand art world. I actually don't like the usually New Zealand contemporary style or 'unrealism'. However I am discovering their are allot of artists from my country who are really brilliant artists.

Julie Greg, for example. I have known of this artist for some years and she has been a big inspiration for me. Whenever I wanted to draw something and couldn't come up with good ideas I would look at her beautiful pastel work. Here are some samples:

Catherino II

Learning to Fly

Power and Grace
  I love the style of her work with the very realistic and detailed horse and abstract textured background.

  I lie how she has done the background for this, it is abstracted to show off the dear but you can tell it is a grassy woodland scene and can even see blue sky through the tree tops.

  Julie Greg has also done a series on shepherds with their horses and dogs. Beautiful pieces are they not!

You can follow her on her blog, though she dose not post very regularly, or see more work in her website gallery. Julie Greg on Facebook

So what do you think? Recon I could become that good an artist one day!

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