Thursday, January 26, 2012

Norman Rockwell's April Fools

      I have been reading a book on Norman Rockwell and am enjoying it immensely! I find the artist very inspiring there are so many paintings of his and so much in them. They speak volumes, and illustrate the old saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Each one tells a story, he was an artist and a storyteller which makes an illustrator of the very best kind.

   Since Norman Rockwell's 118th birthday is coming up on the the 3rd of February I shall post a few posts about him during the next week and share a few interesting things I find out about him. If you want a biography on him I advise you to Google it! :)

   The paintings in this post are a series of covers for the Saturday Evening Post one April when letters to the editor pointed out mistakes in his illustrations. Well he decided if they liked finding mistakes then he'd give them some--the more the merrier!

  In this painting of a curious old shop Rockwell challenged his readers to find the 57 mistakes he had painted.

Here are the answers

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