Sunday, July 28, 2013

Drawings Around Home

Here are some recent sketches of places around Totara North where I live.

One of the old boat sheds down at the harbour. I sat in the warm sun on the wharf drawing this while Dad was working on a boat below.

I started a few drawings at the old Mill which is closed down now and all derelict and sad. It started raining so I had to come into one of the big sheds and draw a little office building from inside.

A pump shed at the Mill.

This old dark green building at the Mill attracted me with its boarded up windows and sway backed roof. I also liked the way the trees in the bank behind it seemed to be hugging protectively.

I drew all these drawings on 11 x 14 Strathmore toned drawing paper using charcoal pencils.


  1. So pretty. And your HUT PROJECT!!!! I cannot wait to get the full of it in a letter. Cannot WAIT. My only sadness is that you probably won't be able to get letters while travelling...will you? Do let me know. I would miss writing you.

    1. Thank you! Letter coming soon. Yes, I know I thought about that, I'll be able to write to you often, and Mum can forward your letters on to me at times so you will still be able to write to me! :)