Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blessed beyond expression

 I began drawing today, instead of working on my website as I had planned, and I realized again how much I love it!

  There are so many downs in an artist's life and so much to do that really has nothing to do with actually drawing, that one sometimes begins to get bogged down into it all. But then I pick up my pencil expecting nothing, touch it to paper and suddenly I'm away into a world where a single line can excite me, a shadow can make me smile, and where an empty space can fill my spirit with gladness. Those moments make me feel like this, and this is what I feel now:

   I'm blessed beyond what I deserve to be able to draw! I can't wait to begin the big adventure and spend my whole summer drawing. I'm sure there will be low places and many very literal bogs, but that will only make the happy moments all the more memorable.

  This isn't the serious blog post I had planned, just a spontaneous response to my sudden joy of finding myself drawing a muddy old truck!

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  1. Its certainly scary how the internet takes over - trying to keep up with all the art forums, blogs, websites etc .. so I perfectly understand your joy at getting back to what really matters.

    Enjoy - and hope you'll share the results with us (but not if it eats into drawing time) LOL