Sunday, July 8, 2012

The last Rose of Summer (Or Autumn!)

     I painted this in one afternoon during the week. I had been working on another painting with reference only from my imagination and it wasn't going so well so I washed the old paint of my piece of  frame glass I use for a palate, picked the last rose in the garden, mixed fresh colours and began to paint. I learnt how to make another shade of brown. All the colours I have in oils are the primaries plus white which is probably a good thing to teach me colour mixing, but it dose feel a bit limited at times. 
    I had been wanting to paint a rose in a loose painterly style for a while and from life; fortunately there was still one small pink rose on the bush for me. The box was once my grandmother's sewing box. I didn't spend much time arranging because I just wanted to paint, so a set the box on my desk and placed the rose on it 'any old how' and began. It is on a 10x10 inch canvass, a square shape which I have never used before. Apparently composition is hard to get right in a square, as you can probably tell!

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