Monday, August 29, 2011

70 Day Pen and Ink Challenge

   I have been inspired by this blog post of Brenda Swenston's to begin a Seventy Day Challenge. Every day for seventy days I will draw a sketch in ink. I thought about allowing myself to sketch in pencil too but then I would always be rubbing out and what I need to practice is making accurate lines the first time. I haven't done allot of pen and ink drawings but I love them.
From the sketchbook of Conrad Martins (1801-1878)
Here are some of Beatrix Potters works.

  I will try to post my sketches every day; it will help to keep my standard up if I do, I don't want to get lazy and just do a quick scribble!

  While I was looking for images I came across this very fun pen and ink related page! Have a look.

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