Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just Married

   Back on the internet again, under a new name! I am now Mrs Bergstrom! I was married on the 9th of January to an amazing man, Caleb Bergstrom who has appeared now and again in the background of this blog and who helped begin The Art of a Hut project.

  Here are a couple of wedding photos which were taken by my very talented sister who has a photography business, you can see more of her work here: Luce Bianca Photography.

   Being married is ideal and now there will be no more long distance calls and living only for the holidays. Now, I am married to the engineering student and get to share in his daily life of highs and lows. I am now in Christchurch which shall be my home for a year or two while Caleb completes two more years as a forestry engineering student. We have moved into the garage of his flat which is now composed of five guys and me.

 We have two little rooms in the garage and the front room has been converted into a studio 'Site' For us both, but with all my painting supplies I'm beginning to take over most of the room... Last week and this I have been biking about the city finding the best stores for art supplies. Coming from a small town in the far north to living in one of the main cities of New Zealand is a little overwhelming and the art shops here have so many of the equipment and tools I'd only heard of before, or would have to order online. It was as good as being in a chocolate shop with a dollar to spend.

   Now that I have come back to my blog again I plan to write a lot more here than last year, and post images of my future paintings and drawings so look out for more from me soon. As well as my newsletter which I will email soon.

  I am also working on a new portfolio website as blogger is a bit limited in that department. I will still keep this blog up... Though I will have to do something about updating the header.

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