Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Catalogue and a Video of the Exhibition

   I have now finished the online catalogue of all the work which was included in The Art of a Hut exhibition. All pictures are now for sale directly from me.

    During the last week of the exhibition my brother from Incredible Motion NZ filmed me talking about each picture. Each hut I tramped to has it's own story to go with it and I could have talked for twice as long about each one but that would have made the video way to long.

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Rock's Ahead Hut. Pencil drawing 505 x 445mm, Kauri Frame, 

Field Hut,Charcoal and pastel on paper. 575 x 475mm, Kauri Frame

Cape Brett Hut, Oil on board, 450 x 300mm, Kauri Frame

Waihua Hut, Oil on Canvas

Murderer's Hut, Ruahine Ranges, Oil on canvas, 610 x 915mm,

Artist's Tramping Gear, Oil on canvas, 610 x 915mm

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