Friday, January 17, 2014

Going Hut Hopping Again!

   Yay, I'm going back to the bush! I haven't been certain that we would be able to get to any more huts for me to draw this month because of my knee and my horse's knee and Caleb's shoulder which he pulled. But we are all getting better now!  On Wednesday I went for a long tramp with a heavy pack on just to see how my knee would feel. And it didn't trouble me at all. I didn't even feel it where it had been so sore last time I walked so much. And if it dose get sore I have some special sports tape which I tried out on my knee and relieved the pain last time it was sore. So that is all good news and means that it's all go ahead and our tentative plans are being put into action.

   Tomorrow Thomas and I begin two days of hitch hiking to get down to Caleb's place in Hawkes Bay. From there we will drive out to the Kawekas and tramp around there for the next two weeks.

   I'm looking forward to more walking with no sore knee this time. And I am excited to begin work again. I've bought some pastels and am planning to do a few pastel drawings as well as charcoal and graphite and some more watercolours. I don't know if I'll ever settle down into one medium. I love working in them all, though sometimes I'm more inspired with one in particular. At the moment I am quite inspired to do pastel paintings and also some more charcoal drawings.

   The other week I spent the afternoon outside my studio drawing the old boat shed and the red wheel barrow.

When I went for a walk on Wednesday I climbed up the Dukes Nose and enjoyed the view of the harbour heads from up there. I painted a small sketch.

And we sold Lady! She is recovering from her 17 stitch cut in her leg and doing very well. I hope she will enjoy her new home. They are very eager to have her and will be well loved. I will miss her a bit though. 

But I will have more time for riding my own Tigger! The other day I rode him up on the hills. I have such a beautiful place to ride!

Good bye! I will be back in a few weeks. :)

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  1. Have fun, darling! You live in a wildly beautiful place in case you forgot. ;)