Friday, September 6, 2013

August Newsletter, and a new painting

   Here's a link to my August newsletter. In it I've written about some late changes to The Art of a Hut project. I'll not be doing it for six months straight any more but for a few months at a time, for various reasons which I explain.

  And still I have no money pledged on Pledge me! I will have to triple my advertising efforts, though I really don't like asking people for money!! Or else resign myself to not getting any money that way and just try to sell lots of art. I am doing a couple of commissions at the moment which is very helpfully earning me some money. And today I'm going to go and paint the windows of someones house to earn a few more dollars. So if you know anyone who wants a portrait of their horse, dog, cat or human friend, tell them about me and show them my commissions page on my website. Thank you! :)

   Here is my latest completed commissioned painting. It is of three stallions who are father, son and grandfather. I did it in pastels, and my Dad made the frame for it, out of beautiful heart kauri. I had a mission trying to photograph it because of the reflections on the glass. But finally managed to get something with my brothers help and a tripod and a big sheet of board with sheets draped over it and the camera!


  1. what program do you use for your newsletters???? btw I love the drawing of the horses you did:)

  2. Hello, thanks for the comment! I used an online one called Campaign Monitor:

    You do have to pay a bit, but it's really easy to use and looks great! :)

  3. Thanks!!! I'll look into it. I tried using cake mail once but got really frustrated with it. It really wasn't user friendly.