Friday, August 23, 2013

Find me elsewhere!

  Just thought my blog followers would like to know about the other places I haunt on the internet, though at the moment I'm not haunting the internet at all but having a glorious week at the snow away from the computer screen!

  • My facebook page: Felicity Deverell Fine Art: I keep this updated with all the things that's going on and also add every drawing from my 365 Days of Drawing challenge to the page.
  • Twitter: @FelicityFineArt: Yes, I have a twitter! 
  • Pintrest: Felicity Deverell: I find so much inspiration on Pintrest and share my own drawings.
  • And of course my website: Equine Fine I still have my old name for the website address. I am still an equine artist and accepting commissions for portraits, actually I'm wanting some more work at the moment.
  • Google+: Felicity Deverell: I don't know so many people who have Google+ so if you do feel free to add me to your circle.
  • You Tube: Felicity Deverell: I have several videos of my art, including a studio tour and speed drawings.

  Wow, I didn't know how many places I can be found on the internet! Here is a picture or two of mine for you to look at! Have a good day.


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