Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep calm and...

   Most of this month has been too crowded to do much in my studio. We have had family and friends staying allot and since my studio is also the guestroom that means I don't get allot of painting done!

   So I've been trying to keep my blog alive and healthy since I can't go out to my quiet little room outside and paint every picture that comes into my head.

   I have been painting all day today, but not the kind of painting you are thinking of right now. I've been doing a few days work house painting for my aunt this week which is good because I will earn a tiny bit of money. That sort of thing is scarce for me these days; I no longer get a student allowance because The Virtual Art Academy I am studying with isn't NZQA qualified.

   I can't wait until we get well into February then I shall be settled down into a normal routine and be able to really get working and get painting. I also have vague ideas about starting to work on drawings for an exhibition next year maybe. It's an exciting idea, and will take allot of thinking about and planning and money too. But lets see what this year brings before we start talking about crossing bridges let alone jumping over rivers!

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