Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My first Newsletter!

  I have just been writing my first ever newsletter and am quite excited about it! It makes me feel rather professional to be sending out a newsletter every month! Now I just need people to send it to. So if you would like to subscribe to my monthly newsletter you can in a moment by filling in the to blanks at right in the side bar under the blurb about me. And then you can expect to receive my very first newsletter in you virtual mailbox.

   I'm such a beginner as an artist, really only about to start out on a career as an artist which I have always dreamed of being (at least since I stopped dreaming of being a 'horse rider' when I growed up). I still have lots to learn on the practical side of creating beautiful pictures, and on the business side I know just about nil. Unfortunately, an artist cannot expect to make a living unless his work sells and that requires selling. Which I know not much about!

   'Well, take the plunge and learn on the way, hopefully before you hit your head on a rock!'

   I shall be writing about my experiences setting out on a new road in my newsletters along with photos of my best latest works and other little things I shall think of to keep you amused!