Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Drawing and some Words.

  Here is a drawing I did a couple of weeks ago; finally took a photo of it today. I drew it with charcoal pencils on A3 paper. What do you think of the style? I have recently taken to charcoal and love the effects one can make with it. I have drawn a few more charcoal drawings to share, but before then I need to find a good method of photographing my drawings so that the background stays an even white. I'll do some experimentation with lighting, I think that is my main problem. Or perhaps scanning the smaller ones would work best. My brother has allowed me to use his camera which is much better than Dad's so I'll attempt to make a new speed drawing video this or next week, though it is hard without the tripod.

   I am going to begin a weekly post dedicated to sharing art (and/or horses) related pictures, links, and videos, which I have come across during the week and captured my imagination or inspired me. The first of them I will post tomorrow... I leave you with:

 'Cloud horse
 Dream horse
Mine forever 
Free horse.'
(-a little poem my Mum wrote for me once.)

courtesy of Google Images. :)

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  1. Lovely! Can't wait to hear how your table at the fair works out!