Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lady Grey, New Project Horse

Here is my new project horse - meet Lady Grey. 
She is an arab/warmblood dappled grey horse, a very pretty one too. She is nine years old and hadn't been ridden for over two years as she was a brood mare and had a foal. But she had done pony club and a bit of endurance riding before that so I can train her up to be a nice riding horse. 

My friend, Micki, owns her and I'm riding and training her until she's good enough to find a good home for. She is such a sweetie and very friendly, we are going to have lots of fun. I could get allot of nice photos of her to make into drawings and paintings too.

She looks a bit skinny and shaggy here, but she has lots of grass now, and come summertime she will have a sleek summer coat.


  1. She looks so beautiful! :) Great pics!

  2. Nice photos. I love the angles. Very gorgeous horse by the way. I also saw nice horse images once from a nice website.