Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Blow--Amazing Artist (who I meet(!))

   We are finally home from a month in Napier, the Art Deco City of the world. 

   It was all very interesting and fun and great to get away for a while, (though not so great missing my horse, Tigger). The weather was a topic and disappointing, but I'm not going to talk about the weather because I have something better to share with you--or someone.

  A second cousin twice removed (as I finally found out) kindly took me to meet a friend of his, one Michael Blow, who also happens to be one of New Zealand's leading professional artists! (I had never heard of him, but then I hardly know the name of any artist from my native country which I must remedy as son as possible!)

My favorite work of my Favorite subject. 

   I was rather nervous for I didn't know what professional artists are like, never met a real one before! But I discovered that the species are really the same as other humans, much to my relief since I don't relish the thought of turning into anything weird myself! He is a very nice, gentle man with a charming wife who served us tea and cake. 

Evening Showers, Paris
Oil 36cm x 46cm

   Many of his paintings were on the walls and I could hardly keep my eyes off them. They were the real thing! Real art and a style of painting I have always loved. Now I know how different it is to see beautiful paintings in the flesh and not just on the computer screen which is where I have always seen them. (Everything is always so much more exciting when you are young and inexperienced so forgive my enthusiasm!)

My Ladies, Art Deco Napier
Oil 23cm x 31cm
    Here's what one gallery has to say about the man:
    "Michael Blow is considered one of New Zealand’s foremost representation artists.  As a full time professional, he has been painting for thirty five years and in that time has exhibited in over one hundred solo and group shows. 
Plums & Persimmons 
Oil 41cm x 51cm
His training began at Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Art and after graduation, in London, at the Sir John Cass School of Fine Art.  In 1971 he returned to Napier and tutored for the Hawke’s Bay Art Gallery and Museum in painting and drawing, before beginning his career as an artist.
Fairy among the Camellias

Michael has entered just two art competitions, the Kelliher Art Competition and the George Harrison Award, both of which he won.
Evening Walk, Myajima, Japan
Oil 51cm x 76cm

But his main quest and energy has been towards an understanding of the beauty and intricacy of the world around us and the honing of skills to bring it to life on canvas.In that quest he has studied and painted in many countries including Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, Australia and Bali as well as New Zealand.  Most recently, he has visited Japan and this exhibition shows his first works from that intriguing country, full of charm and history.
Peking Ducks
oil 23cm x 31cm

Michael has always had a special feeling for people, flowers and still life and they are on display, as well as some studies from Europe."
     It has really inspired me meeting him and I intend to try allot of new things this year and explore more possibilities. This year I want to actually carry out some of the vague ideas which are always floating about in my head. But that is another post. Happy New Year!!

You can see more of Michael Blow's work here and here .

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