Monday, November 21, 2011

The Young Queen Elizabeth II

I have always loved the royal family, and especially the queen. here is a drawing I did of her as a young queen, wasn't she beautiful! 

Portrait of The Young Queen Elizabeth II

I've been doing more portraits lately, I love to draw faces and I'm trying to get better at drawing them. I want more experience drawing from live models too. My family are willing but it's hard to catch them. I can do a quick sketch in half an hour but the one above took me almost two hours. My goal is to be able to do something like this drawing in thirty minutes. And then I could have a go at street portraiture!

These artists in Paris are brilliant, I'd love to go to Europe and join them one day -- that's one of my dreams.


  1. This is a beautiful portrait of the queen. Also, gorgeous painting as well! thanks for following my site btw :)

  2. I love it! She was so pretty and... regal. Still is. A few months ago I came across the film footage of her coronation in 1952. Even though it was grainy and hard to follow visually because of the black/white contrast, it was still very cool.

    Amazing artwork, Felicity, as usual :)


  3. Thanks for commenting both, and you're welcome Kyla :)

    Sounds like an interesting video, was it on You Tube? I like watching old video recordings. :)