Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Norman Rockwell

    Here are just some of the paintings of Norman Rockwell's which I have grown up familiar with even way down here in New Zealand. I never knew who the artist was until in the last year I have come across him everywhere on the internet.

 These paintings we have in a big literature book and I used to stare at the Thanksgiving for ages trying to figure out if it was a photo or not! I used to study the faces very carefully and try to figure out the family relationships. 

 I used to enjoy studying this one too. Tracing back the family line; I have always been interested in genealogy.

I identified very much with this little girl! 

More illustrations here. There are so many, I'm always seeing another Rockwell I've never seen before. I wonder if all the images are all gathered together anywhere. I mean digital images or prints.

Rockwell slideshow: with an interesting paragraph about each piece.

Enjoy this documentary of Norman Rockwell's illustration. Some of his old neighbours and sitters tell some interesting stories.

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