Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lots of photos, be warned!

To begin with, let me introduce you to this pretty buckskin, Simba.
My friend and I have been given him as a project horse only a week after we sold Calypso, that big dark horse you have often seen in photos here.

He's finally settling in after having been badly picked on by the other horses.

My Tigger is becoming tollerant of him!

He  is nice to ride and very soft and responsive

But also very speedy, he just wants to get places fast!

He is skinny too, and needs to be fattened up before I do heaps of work with him. So he will be nice when we sell him which we have to to for I can't afford to keep him.

Unfortunately my camera lens was dirty and I didn't notice, hence the blury streaks, sorry!

Ex reacehorse galloping down to join the fun.

The donkeys...

A good roll, ahaaa..........

It was the bluest of blue days, not a cloud.
This was yesterday by the way

Isn't it a beautiful place I keep my horse and ride, I'm so blessed


  1. He looks like a nice horse. :) Love the buckskin color on him. ;) Great scenery!

  2. Thank you both for the comments. :)