Monday, November 2, 2015

Thanking Swazi

   As I mentioned in my last post, in the beginning, when The Art of a Hut project was still only an idea, Caleb and I tried contacting a lot of companies and organizations for sponsorship. We had not much success in that area, but we had one answer which was really positive and encouraging. This was from Swazi who were really encouraging about our project and donated to Caleb and I a $200 voucher each for their store.

    Swazi is a New Zealand outdoor clothing store which proudly make all there clothing in their factory in Levin. I was able to have a peek behind the scenes one time when we visited the store last year. Each piece is made entirely by one seamstress and her name is printed on a label inside each garment she completes. It is a really nice touch, everything about Swazi speaks of quality and passion about what they do. 

   So i would just like to say thank you Swazi, you are awesome and we think you are amazing at what you do and for keeping it in Kiwi! Caleb wears his Swazi stubbies all around the university where he is now, and I love my Swazi woolen socks. My bush shirt also has been awesome, and various pieces of pencil and charcoal and paper have collected in there very conveniently, I even wore it in the self portrait I painted. 

Thank you, Swazi

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