Friday, March 6, 2015

Using a Brush Pen

Sometimes I get inspired from somewhere and suddenly try something different. This time it was pen and ink drawings copied from famous illustrations. I discovered the work of Howard Pyle, one of the best illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration. 

All of these where sketched with a brush pen. That is a paintbrush which has ink inside. I suddenly discovered how fun this pen is to use. I bought it a year ago online and when it came I used it to sketch a couple of times but they didn't turn out well so I put the pen aside and didn't keep experimenting with it, until now. 

Here is a video[link] of someone using a similar brush pen, the texture of my drawings looks slightly different because the texture of the paper I used is quite rough. I"m looking forward to trying it out on a smooth paper on which I suspect it will perform even better.

I drew all of these freehand, not using any pencil before I put ink on paper. It's a great challenge because there is no going back on any mark you make.

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