Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Self Portrait and Drawing Video

   I'm painting full time at the moment. Working hard on the Toro Commission and trying to fit in painting all the things I want to. It seems the more I paint the more I want to paint. That goes for drawing also. A few days ago I did this sketch of myself. It was intense work, I spent a whole afternoon at it and completely lost myself in the paint. I learnt a lot from doing this. I began with a blank canvass in front of me, stared at myself in the mirror and had no idea what to call the colour of my skin. Why don't children get taught more about colour than the few basic ones? We don't even have names for half the colours there are! I want to practice more portrait painting and drawing from life, but it's not always easy to find a model. It's not easy sitting still for very long, as all my friends have found out while I've sketched them! 

   Last week I made a video of me drawing sketches of people. I was having a face drawing craze and was working on accuracy of proportions and likeness rather than a finished picture. So I made some of them into a video. My head got in the way a bit and is rather distracting in the video. My apologies. I'll try to find that little bit missing from the tripod then, using that, I'll be able to make some better videos. Thank you to my brother, Peter, for letting me use his camera! Here is the video as promised:


  1. How cool, Lissy! I always love your sketch videos! It is so much fun to see them come to life under your very pencil! :D

    1. Thank you! It was fun making it. I got in the way of this one all the time, which is distracting in the video!