Thursday, October 3, 2013

What I'll be When I Grow Up!

  When I grow up I don't want to be a model, it would be tedious work! But it was fun for one afternoon to dress up in a huge wedding dress and ride my horse playing my violin! Today I've been modeling for my sister, Bianca. She is an amazing photographer and has some very beautiful work on her blog, go have a look at Luce Bianca Photography. I'll be able to share some of the photos she took of me soon. 

* * *

    On Tuesday I decided what I want to be when I grow up. I shall be a freelance travel artist! Doesn't that sound so exciting and adventuresome. I've tried looking all over the Internet for such a person but can't really find anyone who dose it. There are freelance artists, or artists who travel, but they never seem to all combine into one. My idea is to be just like a freelance travel writer only making pictures instead of words. But maybe there's no real demand for such a job because of photography. But photography is so common now, and just about every place in the world has already been photographed it might be something new to have drawings and paintings of places instead!

  But whatever the case, the idea inspires me and I will one day find a way of traveling and painting as a career, a way of life I should say, because obviously there's no money in it! I'm finding that chasing my dreams is really becoming addictive! Before I began, or had even thought of, The Art of a Hut project I would never have dreamed that so many dreams could really come true. I've now taken one step, the first step, towards following a dream, all of a sudden I feel it becoming a reality, and my dreams have become one step bigger. It looks like the rest of my life will be lived chasing dreams that just get bigger and wilder and more exciting and beautiful the more I run after them! I hope I feel the same after my first hut drawing trip, but even if I discover that tramping and traveling isn't for me, I'll still be dreaming bigger dreams than I ever did before. It's the dream - the journey - that is so exciting, not the destination, I don't know why, but it's true. So here's to traveling, for that is my biggest dream at this moment in time. 

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