Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Newsletter (With News in it!)

  Well, forgive me, I decided to keep my news for my newsletter, I'm sure you understand, and I hope you received it in you inbox. If you missed it here it is now:

   So, I'll be on the radio! That is a bit scary because I'm not good at talking, unless it is in my head and I know all about what I'm talking about. This week I've got allot of homework to do, getting all my place names right and getting straight the what, when, who, why, how, and what for all straight in my head so that I will be able to answer questions confidently and well. I do hope the interviewer will be helpful, I find that so much depends on who I'm talking to when I'm trying to explain my project. If it looks like they aren't interested or they can't really understand where I'm coming from, then I feel very awkward and it seems impossible to explain what I'm trying to get express. Also if someone asks a question about some aspect of the project that I haven't really given thought to, then I get into a muddle. So my solution is to think about The Art of a Hut as much as possible and not think about how scary talking on the radio will be. 

   Hopefully, I will raise some interest in my project and find some sponsors to make the whole thing possible. Once we sell Lady, the horse I am working at the moment, I should have enough money for this first hut drawing trip from November to January, but after that I will be more than broke and will have to start fundraising again. Or go have more adventures....

   I am very likely to go down to the South Island next year for a few months and work picking fruit with a couple of friends, who will be already down there. It will be an adventure I have longed to go on for years now-- to see the beautiful south--and I will also be earning something and get a chance to draw some of the South Island huts which I would otherwise be unable to afford to do. In other words...

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