Thursday, October 17, 2013

In the Newspaper! The Art of a Hut

   It was a very odd feeling to come back from Levin and trees and friends all in a different world to the usual and hear myself on the radio and then see myself in the newspaper! Before I left I had emailed the Bay Chronicle a whole synopsis of The Art of a Hut project and asked if they would like to run an article on it. Dad encouraged me that it would be a good idea and a chance to let people know what I'm doing and that I'm serious about it in my search for sponsorship. They replied immediately saying they would be happy to write something up in the paper. After that I went away and forgot all about it until I got home again! 

   So there we are on page six of the paper and even a picture of me on the front page. I hope someone will be inspired to help us out a bit and sponsor us. I still need a couple of thousand more to be able to carry out the whole two months of drawing. It's petrol and food that are the main costs. But I trust that it will all work out for good whatever happens.

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