Tuesday, November 20, 2012

365 Day Drawing Challenge

I celebrated my 20th birthday last Thursday, the 15th, and on that date I began a challenge similar to one I have attempted in the past, only much bigger! 

   To improve my drawing skills and techniques I have embarked of a challenge to draw every day until I'm 21! So the goal is to have 365 or more sheets of drawn upon paper collected in my red folders by this time next year. 

   I have wanted to begin this challenge for a while, but doubted my dedication to keep it up. But after the last few months of doing some sort of artwork every day I have got into the habit of it and thought I'd better keep it up now that I don't have so I don't get out of the habit of it. 

   I have a few rules for myself the main one, of course, being drawing every day! But if I do miss a day I will do two drawing the next day. So far I've only been using pens to draw but I may use pencil and charcoal or anything else I can think of to draw with-- pastel maybe. I'm just using sheets of standard A4 cartridge paper for this project, that is easiest and fit into my folders nicely, also I can scan them (I just discovered it's so much easier scanning that photographing my drawings!) I'm also going to try to concentrate on drawing people and drawing from real life, it is somehow more satisfying to draw from life than from a flat photo.

   I've started an album on my Facebook Equine Fine Art Page which I will keep updated with all my drawings, and I have also started a board on Pintrest for it. I'll be posting only the highlights here on my blog as I don't want to bore anyone!
Well now I'd better go and do my drawing for today!

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