Monday, July 23, 2012

Virtual Art Academy

  I have been thinking all year of doing some sort of art course, or degree, or something. I have researched all over the internet for NZ art schools and online art learning. Then I came across the Virtual Art Academy from WetCanvass and the more I learnt about it the better it seemed. The only comments I came across were positive and full of praise.

    The Virtual Art Academy is a series of courses of self-study which includes up to four years worth of study material. And it is very inexpensive compared to an art school or university. There is allot of material in it, four years worth as well as an online campus where you can share your work and comment on other students work. It sounded so great that I have gone and bought the whole course and am downloading all the information now! There is a lot of it too! My earnings form my art this year paid for it which is sort of exciting for me! But now I have no more art savings! I'll have to work hard at this course and get as much as I can out of it so that I can begin selling more work.

   I'll keep posting about how I get on with the course, and I will have lots of new work to share soon. Also I'm working on a couple of drawing videos which I hope to share with you this week, so keep an eye out for them. One is very special! =)


  1. Good luck with the course. Assume you also looked at the London Art College? They have lots of courses including a specific pet portrait one which is tutored by Melanie Phillips.

  2. Thank you! Yes I was very interested in that one too, but in the end, I decided that the Virtual Art Academy suited me best for what I want to do. I wish to become more than just a pet portrait painter. =)

  3. How did you like it? Was it worth the investment? I am looking at it and considering...

    1. I did like it a lot. I actually haven't finished it, one downside of it being all in your own time course you have to have self motivation and actually do it! But I still have all of the course papers which I can do any time. I believe the design of the online campus website has changed since I was on it and it looks much better. Another online course for drawing which really focuses on heaps of practice is Watts Atelier.

  4. Good to hear your May 20th comments. I just joined the apprenticeship course: VAA2. This spurs me to set up a "must do" schedule - setting up designated times to do the assignments. A key to success, I think. Thanks for your comments.