Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pages from my sketchbook

Here are some pages from my sketchbook in response to Loriann Signori's challenge on her blog

I use my sketchbooks as places to scribble when I don't feel like doing a proper drawing but want to make marks with my pencil anyway. Or I use them it for daily sketching challenges which I love or preliminary sketches for more finished drawings or paintings.


This first photo is one of several I have done from famous paintings. I find the best way to learn more about a master's work is to copy his masterpieces. I discovered allot about 'In the Conservatory' when I did this page. And also about the artist. Art Project Powered by Google is a great reference for this kind of thing.

On this second page are a couple of sketches I did in preparation for a portrait of the girl. They were really helpful and decided me on the first pose as an open smile really doesn't look good in a portrait.

These last two are from a daily sketch challenge I set myself earlier in the year. I always find my hand eye drawing skills are given a huge boost after I draw heaps and heaps and regularly.

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