Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A portrait of Harry

     I gasped when I saw that I haven't posted anything this June! Forgive me for I haven't been too busy, there's always time for anything you want to do. That's what I believe anyway, though it's an acceptable excuse to say I didn't have time. Because, of course, I didn't. I suppose I will have to make some sort of blogging schedule for myself. I can promise you will here more from me this week anyway!

    Now, I want you to tell me what you think of this portrait I have just finished. Do you think it is good enough to pronounce finished and send it off to the dogs owner? I'm not perfectly happy with it myself but the photos I had to work with were truly a challenge! The lady commissioned it for her friends dog as a surprise so she couldn't very well set up an elaborate photo shoot when her friend wasn't looking. But she tried.

   What do you think? Is it alright?


  1. Great job! He looks so cuddly. :)

  2. Hi Felicity - I am Harry's owner and I love the picture you did of him, it looks just like him. Thanks :-)

  3. Hello, I'm glad you like it! He's such a cutie and I loved the challenge of his fluffy coat. =)