Friday, June 15, 2012

Pansy in the Window

This is a pastel painting I did some months ago and I'm not sure I ever shared it with you. It is of Pansy in our bathroom window. I was quite excited about it when I began. The bright light was pouring in and yet not shining directly on anything you can see except the curtains leaving everything else in shadow and reflected light. I liked all soft colour shades and the toned wallpaper. The taps are another part I loved doing, I just added those little highlights and they came alive. But I never properly finished it because someone laughed at it and then I suddenly didn't feel like doing anything more on it. Which just shows how fickle I can be and how the slightest comment can affect how any artist sees his work, especially if he had thought it rather good!

You can tell it was summer because Pansy is in her sleek summer coat. She's got a huge ruff at the moment.


  1. Love this - do you sell any of your work?

  2. Thank you. Yes I do sell some. Mostly commissioned work of people and pets. =)