Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My big sketchbook, the first few pages

  Here are the first few pages on a new sketchbook of mine which I bought recently. It's a big one, A3 in size and I'm making a sort of project out of it. I intend to mainly draw in it copies of famous art works along with words about the work and the artist. I have always loved sketches and words together, don't you! Like Leonardo's famous manuscripts and such things. 

So this is sort of like a casual course of study to get to know better the works of the masters. There is no better way to know a picture than to copy it. I agree with many artists that copying is an important learning tool which naturally be replaced by one's own style of drawing.

    The drawings on this last page are sketches for a larger finished drawing I am doing for a neighbour, the mother of the beautiful girl. She was only 18 when, tragically, she drowned some years ago. I was honored to be asked to draw her portrait.

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