Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why I've been mising, and my new Studio!

Now I apologize for not posting much this month. I was away at a youth camp over Easter, and then we went out on the boat a couple days. 

And went to stay with friends a couple days. And yesterday I went riding on 90 mile beach with my brother. Something I've always wanted to do. We saw wild horses too, the forest there is riddled with them!

So really I've done nothing arty except transform the sleep-out into my art studio.

Which did look like this: 

 And now looks like this:

The view from my work seat.

Mum's old typewriter. 


  1. How lovely! If I ever do make it out to you, depend upon it. I shall occupy the couch or the corner chair and appear brilliant while you paint away and do all the real genius-work yourself. ;)

  2. And you shall be very welcome! =) Care to come next week? I'll have it cleaned out again after finishing the big big painting which is my next project.

    By the way, yesterdays mail was the highlight of my day! :)