Sunday, February 19, 2012

My First Real Still Life

I had never painted a real still life before, but during the last free days of the holidays (Yes, I'm still completing my year 13cert...) I attempted something new and different from my usual typical horses or cats. I was becoming a little afraid I would turn into a mediocre portrait artist, never growing better just churning out the same old stuff. And so in a fit of inspiration I painted this over a couple days. And presented it to Mum on her birthday.

 Now that it's finished and since I haven't looked hard at it for a couple weeks I can see all the flaws in it. That always happens, such a damper! But still I feel this painting is a turning point for me and assures me I can still keep improving if I put my mind and effort to it. 

It has displaced a faded old copy of Millet in the best spot over the mantle piece in our lounge.

There are actually three other pieces of mine visible in this photo.


  1. Your work is incredible! That painting is so beautiful... music, books, and horses. What else does one need? ;) But seriously... amazing!

  2. Great Scot, girlie! This is absolutely fabulous--so realistic! Did you do it in oils? Oh mercy, Lissy-mine, I wish I could paint like that. Tell me, how do you manage it? Don't tell me practice--I'll scream.

    1. Glad you like it. :D Rachel, I had better scream.


      I don't have better advice. Oh, well I guess you can read lots here and there and pic up tips and tricks that's what I did along with a fair share of screaming and that sort of thing!

      Here's one: Contrast, darkest darks darker, lightest lights lighter. (Though it depends on your style!)