Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing with digital art

This is my first real digital art! I had fun in the last hour creating it.

What do you think of digital art? 

I know some see it as controversial and pushing out traditional art, but I see it as a totally different medium which deserves it's own place. It is quicker than using real materials but I don't think I will ever take it up at all. Using real materials you can hold and feel in your hands somehow 'rings more true' to me and is more seriously skilled Art. But I don't fear that digital art will take over-- at least not in my lifetime!


  1. It's lovely!! Wow. Waaaay better than what I've ever done, as little as I have. My brother bought a 'Bamboo' tablet for digital painting, and good heavens, it's so much harder to control than a pencil! And trying to use a mouse is worse -- so I commend you, which ever you did. I love the colors.


  2. Thanks for the comment!

    yes its hard to control. Especially as I had no mouse and only my laptop finger pad! :)