Thursday, September 22, 2011

About Ink Drawings and a Cute Little Shop

  I'm sorry I haven't been able to post my ink sketches for over a week, but I have been doing them! I bought two new pens so my inspiration has been refreshed. It is SO uninspiring trying to draw with a lumpy ball point pen which is running out of ink! I will take photos of them all when Dad comes home with the camera.  :)

  I have put some of my work in a little craft shop, co-op, in our little local town. Yesterday I went in for a training day as I am going to work in there two days a month.

Isn't it such a cute li'l shop!

   And guess what. I sold a painting!! And it had been hanging for only a couple of hours. And to a man who doesn't like horses, so he said! This is the one he bought, it was my first oil painting of a horse. I painted it last year, about this time.

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